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 Let Me Fix You a Plate

Let Me Fix You a Plate


<b><b>Whether you're settling in for a heaping plate of Mamaw's banana pudding or Abuela's arepas and tostones, a good meal always brings family together.</b><br>&nbsp;<br><b>A Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book</b><br><b>An ALSC Notable Children's Book</b></b><br><br>This tale of a family road trip highlights the author's joy in both her American and Colombian heritage, and captures all the warmth and love of her family's two distinct cultures.<br> &nbsp;<br> <i>Once a year, on a Friday night,</i><br> <i>My family leaves the city</i><br> <i>And drives hours and hours . . . </i><br> <br> After a long drive to visit family&mdash;whether in the mountains of rural West Virginia or the sticky heat of Florida&mdash;what could be a better welcome than a homemade meal?<br>&nbsp;<br>Inspired by Elizabeth Lilly's childhood vacations and the sense-memories of late-night journeys down the coast, <i>Let Me Fix You a Plate</i> is a vivacious exploration of family traditions old and new&mdash; from toast with homemade blueberry jam, to fresh orange juice and arepas with queso blanco, to midnight waffles at home.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Vivid illustrations explore the heart of the home&mdash;the kitchen&mdash;and the treasures found when a family gathers to celebrate their culture, and one another. Joyous, bright, and mouth-watering, this celebration of family and our diverse, delicious traditions is sure to leave readers hungry for more!<br>&nbsp;<br><b>A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year</b><br><b>A CCBC Choice</b>

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Neal Porter Books


Sep 07, 2021





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Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6