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 America, My Love, America, My Heart

America, My Love, America, My Heart


<p><strong><em>America, do you love me?</em></strong><strong> </strong></p> <p><strong>Acclaimed author-artist Daria Peoples-Riley</strong><strong> invites readers to answer timely&#8212;and timeless&#8212;questions beating inside the hearts of children across America. Exquisitely illustrated, with a powerful, lyrical text, <em>America, My Love, America, My Heart</em> will challenge readers of all ages to examine and evaluate personal beliefs and attitudes toward the many different colors of America.</strong><strong> </strong><strong></strong></p> <p><em>America, do you love me? My black. My brown. My pride. My crown.</em></p> <p>What begins as a single question from a single child multiplies as <em>America, My Love, America, My Heart</em> sweeps across the country with every page turn, inviting in more and more children of color&#8212;and their questions. Does America love them when they speak? Or whisper? Or shout? When they stand? Does America love them just as they are? </p> <p>Inspired by the questions of her own childhood, author and artist Daria Peoples-Riley has created a powerful and important book for Americans of all ages&#8212;an essential addition to every bookshelf and classroom. Her poetic text encourages readers to confront bias, prejudice, and discrimination and invites readers to reflect and respond with their own answers, while honoring the identities of black and brown children and people of color.</p><p>The unforgettable monochromatic oil paintings incorporate patriotic colors&#8212;red, white, and blue&#8212;to evoke deeply felt emotion and unique perspective. This rich, resonant book is a conversation starter for children, for families, for classrooms, and for communities.&#160;</p>

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Apr 06, 2021





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Children's - Kindergarten, Age 5-6